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Is It Possible To Go To Hospitals In The USA For Free?

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Health Benefits To US Citizens – Living in the United States is not easy. Considering that everything is expensive and holds tax, it is not possible for a person who’s on a daily wage to afford any facility.

There is no such thing as free treatment in any hospital in the United States. Every country has its own policy and rules and regulations. Some countries offer free treatment, but some don’t. Living in the states is hard because you must afford everything on your own and you can’t really say no to it. You can’t expect anything to be free there because nothing is free there, not even emergency medical treatment. People are left distraught and devastated when they find out they’re suffering from a disease that they can’t pay for. It is true unfortunately that medical treatment in the United states is very expensive and not everybody can afford it.

The U.S. government does not provide health benefits to citizens or visitors. Any time you get medical care someone must pay for it.

This means and shows that health care is very expensive in the states. Which is indeed true. According to a survey and reports United States is one the countries to have had the most expensive health care system. Therefore, all the rich people rush to the states when they want to get their treatment done because people have faith in American health care.


Why isn’t the medical facilities and treatments in the U.S. for free?

If you think that you rush to the hospitals in the US thinking that you might get free treatment? You’re generally wrong. This is because there is no free treatment or medical facilities in the U.S. If you’re hospitalised or if you’re admitted into the emergency, someone must pay your bills because the U.S. government does not provide citizens with any policy that caters to their medical treatment for free. This is because:

  • Expensive medical treatments and facilities

In the states the medical facilities and the treatments are highly expensive. The fee of doctors and the equipment that is being used is very expensive and up to date.


  • Hospitals are expensive

The United states is not like any other country. Things and rules are different. Hospitals there are required to pay taxes as well. The bills, medicine cost, services all require money. And therefore, hospitals cannot provide free movement to patients at all.


  • Insurance policies

Half of the US population has insurance policies that helps them pay their expenditures. The government knows this already and so free treatment and medical facilities are not provided to the citizens.


  • Population

America is one of the most densely populated countries. It is very hard for the government to provide free medical treatments to so many people. This will affect their economy and those who are working at the hospitals. This includes nurses, paramedics and of course doctors.



It is true that citizens demand and need free medical treatment, but the government has valid reasons too. It is hard to provide free facilities to a country that is so densely populated. Fresh graduates in the US are already laid very less. Providing free medical facilities to people will affect their wages and hard work. So, therefore you cannot go to a hospital and expect free treatment. If you have used the hospital’s medical facilities, someone must pay for them.


What’s the solution for this, how do citizens in the states pay their medical bills?


Humans tend to suffer from so many things, that is a fact. A living thing can have a thousand problems God forbid accidents and what not. Therefore, hospitals are made. People who work at the hospitals and the ones who look after you are either paid by the government or either by the people who sponsor the hospitals. These include the health staff, doctors, paramedics nurses and each single person working there.

Unlike some countries, the United states does not offer its citizens free medical aid and facilities and the reasons are previous discussed.

So, the question is, how do people pay their medical bills? Living in the states isn’t easy and is highly expensive because of the taxes already. The country can not afford to cater to the citizens medical bills also because the country is very densely populated.


Medical Insurance Policy

Previously we talked in detail about the insurance policies that half of the people living in America have. Having an insurance policy is beneficial for all those living in the states. This way a lot of your money is saved and when you need it in case of emergency or any other thing, your company pays for it.


Insurance policy

Insurance policy is a legal agreement between two individuals. One is the person who buys the insurance policy and the other is the organization obviously. According to the agreement one is the insurer and one is the insured. The insured is the person who buys the insurance policy.

Insurance companies are like banks, they take money from you so that you can get it back from them when you need it in terms of emergency or when you need to purchase something like a car or a house or literally anything.

So, the company takes some amount from you yearly and pays your bills when necessary. If you’re living in the states and if you don’t have an insurance policy, it is a must that you get it. Many of your financial problems will be solved.


Medical and health insurance policy

There are many types of insurance policies. Health and medical insurance are one kind of insurance policy. According to this policy all your medical bills and treatment money will be paid by your insurance company. No matter how expensive your treatment is and will cost, it will be your company’s job to pay your medical bills.

When you buy the insurance policy, you agree to pay a fixed amount of money to the company every year. They keep collecting money from you and when you need it in emergency, they give you all the money back or they simply pay for the purpose you need the money for.


Importance of health insurance

The benefits of insurance policies are innumerable. This is because it is one of the most beneficial things that has ever been introduced to humans. Specially the citizens living in the U.S. having insurance policies there is very lucky.



  • Your medical bills are paid

For all those who are single and have no one to look after. A health insurance policy is the first thing that you need to invest on. This way if you’re ever admitted to the hospital in case of emergency or any other purpose, your insurance company will pay all your bills. The hospital will confirm about your insurance company and let them know about your condition, and your insurance company will simply take care of all your medical bills.



  • Treatments regarding the price

Health means overall health and any health-related issue. Your insurance company will pay for your treatment regardless of the price. Medical treatments are very expensive in the U.S. if in life you suffer from a grave disease and your treatment requires a lot of money, your health insurance will do all the work for you.


  • You can save money every year

Having insurance policy will help you save money. Every year you know that you must pay a fixed amount and for that you will try to save money.



  • Insurance policy for family members

You can purchase the insurance policy for your family members as well. If something happens to you, that insurance policy will benefit the ones you love forever.



  • Lifetime convenience

If you know that purchasing something would get you lifetime convenience would you not go for it?

Having insurance means that you are secured for the entire lifetime. If you are alive, you’re secured, and your insurance company will pay all your bills and look after you financially. Therefore, insurance companies are a blessing. It is however important that you go for only a good and trusted insurance company. Companies who have been worming since decade or decades are preferable. Trusted companies will guide you better and you can trust them as well.

There are many types of insurance policies and it depends on you as to which one you want to get.


Following are the types of insurance policies:

  • Car Insurance.
  • Home Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Disability Insurance.
  • Health Insurance.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance.
  • Liability Insurance.



Car insurance

Living in the U.S. you will see that every second person has car insurance policy. Car insurance policy is one of the most purchased policies in the US. Many people in the U.S get this policy because according to this if something happens to your car, your insurance company will pay for all the damages. That’s the purpose of the car insurance policy.


Home Insurance

People have home insurance policies as well and we must say that these are extremely beneficial and all those living in the U.S. should get this as well because this way your home remains secured if you are alive. If something happens to your house or if there is any damage, your insurance company will pay for all the damages. This means that if you are alive, your house remains safe. Even if somethings do happen, you can get it fixed with the help of insurance company.


Life insurance

One of the most important insurance policies that have existed so far is the life insurance. This insurance policy is of course for life and is very crucial if you’re living in the states. This means that if something happens to you, your insurance money will go to your loved ones. It’s rare that you’re all by yourself there is always someone you can not leave behind empty handed, so if something happens to you, that insurance money automatically goes to the person you nominated for. This way your loves ones won’t come on the street and they will be secured.


Disability insurance

There is a good number of people who are disabled in the U.S. they need someone to look after them financially. So according to this insurance company they are looked after and sometimes the insurance companies appoint caretakers for such people as well because it is a part of the insurance policy.


Health insurance and hospitals

We talked about how you can not go to hospitals and ask for free treatment. This is against the hospitals and government rules because such policy does not exist in the U.S.

If you’re living in the U.S. and if you’re worried about your health and as to who will pay your medical bills, purchase health and medical insurance policy as soon as possible. This policy will secure you for your entire life. As ling as you are alive and you need medical treatment, your bills will be paid by the insurance company.


Long term care insurance

Long term care insurance means that if the individual is alive or till whenever time the individual wants, the care money will be paid by the insurance company. Don’t forget that this is your own money basically that you are being returned in case of emergency. Usually it is hard to save money in a country like America where everything is already very expensive. So, you sign a deal with the insurance companies that make sure to serve you for as long as you are alive in various ways. You can purchase more than one insurance policy as well. That depends on your affordability.

Nowadays it is extremely important to secure yourself if you’re living in the U.S. and this is only possible if you sign up with a good insurance policy company.


What if someone enters the emergency without any insurance policy but also can’t pay?


There are cases every day about people that are admitted into emergency, but they do not have any insurance policy and they can’t pay for their treatment either. Obviously, the hospital can not throw them out like that. They do receive the complete treatment, but some measures are taken.

If the patient has someone close, they are approached so that they can pay for the patient.

If the patient is all alone and has nobody and is broke and can not pay for the hospital. The hospital authorities contact organizations who can help such people make money and than purchase insurance policies.


As a result, the uninsured are more likely to be contacted by collection agencies, as they face problems paying both medical and non-medical bills. One study, published in 2016 by the National Bureau of Economic Research, found that someone who goes into the hospital without insurance doubles her chances of filing for bankruptcy over the next four years.

For the bills that go unpaid, hospitals can try to compensate by charging other patients more. But that doesn’t happen as much as many people – including policymakers.

The hospital will start charging the other patients

If you’re living in the U.S. and if you have no one. Its better if you try to secure yourself and be fair to other patients as well. Because if one patient fails to pay for the treatment, the hospital will start charging the other patients more to compensate their charges and this is immorally wrong.

So, if you’re wondering what will happen if you go to the hospital for treatment without money, what will happen.

The hospital authorities will find everything about you and will bill you for the treatment. Once they know you can not pay it. They will contact the ones who know you. If that doesn’t work either, you will be approached by companies and organizations who will help you out.


This article is for all those who do not know what insurance is and how it can help you. If you’re new to this, read this carefully so that you know which insurance policy you should get. Having the right insurance policy will save you and make you secure. This is the most important thing that you must know if you’re a U.S citizen. Health insurance policy is the most important one in our opinion because you don’t know what goes wrong. Humans can have many problems and health comes first. If you earn and can save money every year, you should invest in your health and get a health insurance policy because that will help you throughout your life.

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