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Why Is Selling Life Insurance Hard?

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Why Is Selling Life Insurance Hard – In every person’s mind, this question would raise that is why it is hard and difficult to sell insurance, especially if we talk about life insurances. Life insurance is something intangible i.e. we can’t touch it because it doesn’t exist in a real or a physical form. So it is a concept, and selling a concept is the hardest thing to do. Convincing people over their concepts will not be an easy task that is why most of the insurance seller fined it the hardest and the toughest one.

Many reasons are behind this activity that make it difficult to sell. But before this let’s have a brief view of what life insurance is and how does it work?

Life Insurance:

If you don’t know what life insurance is? And want to know about that? Then no need to worry. By the end of this blog, you will have a clear idea about what life insurance is and why is it hard to sell life insurance. So, Life insurance is an agreement or contract between the insurance holder companies and the person or an entity. We all know that we come to this world and we all will go too. Sometimes this happens that an earning person or the maintainer of the house died by any tragic accident.

The family that he left behind can face a financial crisis. So at that time if the late person has done his insurance before, then his family can use it at that time. The insurance holder company gave the family their insured money at the time of the death of the insured person. Not for the longest time but still they at least get the chance to get out of the trauma and be stable. So this is how life insurance works.

A person needs to deposit some amount to the insurance company. This amount will depend on the policy of the insurance holding company. For some companies the rates are high and for some rates are less as compared to the others. So it all depends on the policy of the company in which you are going to get life insurance. So after depositing the money you get your account in the respective bank. It depends on you which type of policy you want i.e. for a shorter period or a lifetime.

Life insurance is hard to sell:

Several reasons make the life insurance hard to sell. Rarely, you would meet someone who has an interest or even thought of life insurance.

Basic need:

In today’s world where meeting their basic needs is a difficult task, there are very few people who thought about life insurance. There are a lot of things that they need to look after. Out of 10%, only 4% think about these kinds of things and others try to fulfill their basic needs. What is the reason that in a developed country like the United States not even half of the population not goes for life insurance? There are rich people too who know the worth of the life insurance and their lives. But if we talk about the majority of the people they belong to the middle class. They struggle to attain their pivotal needs. There are few chances that they take out time from their busy lives and get into the insurances. They found it too expensive. People prefer to invest their money in other works instead of purchasing some life insurance. Or if they did not invest their money somewhere else then they prefer to save it in their saving accounts.


No doubt that people of the U.S are sensible enough, and they know the worth of the life insurance. But there are also misapprehensions in their minds that maybe we have to pay tax on the death benefits, but that’s not true. And it is too expensive that they can’t even afford it. These misconceptions stay them away from life insurance.  A life insurance agent’s job is to clarify these all misconceptions that any client has, to whom they are going to sell life insurance. Sometimes this happens that people are not even ready to hear any agents because they have made their mind and admit these misapprehensions.

Sore Point:

We can consider it a very sore point or a delicate subject. And this is also one of the main reasons that life insurance is hard to sell. Talking to someone about their death can annoy anyone. So, this needs to be treated very carefully and smartly. No one would like to talk about the death of their loved ones and the benefits they can get if they die. The literacy rate of the US is 99% which means only 1% are illiterate. But in this subject literacy or education does not matter. What matters is that how mature you are to talk about something that nobody wants to speak up on i.e. death. So if we are selling life insurance in the US then you will have an idea that there are 99% chances that this person knows about life insurance. But you can’t have an idea either this person will feel free to understand or talk on this topic or not. This may hurt their emotions. So be careful whenever you go to sell you life insurance. Also, get prepared if you find someone offended.

Customer Investment:

As people are too conscious about their wealth, they do not take any risk. Instead of investing their money in other’s policies, they prefer to save them. People do not get satisfied by paying investment for life insurance. They found it expensive too. People who do not have any strong background and strong income are not able to purchase any life insurance. While people with strong background don’t think they need to ensure their lives because if they die, they have a bank balance that can support their families if any mishap occurs.

Customers Dissatisfaction:

It is too hard and difficult to satisfy customers. People have too many misconceptions and queries related to the life insurance. So it is a great task for an agent to convince his clients. It is a natural phenomenon that people get frustrated if you talk to them about their deaths. Because nobody tries to speak up over what happens if they die. That is the reason most single persons are not insured. When a person gets to marry and have a family that he started to worry about his wife and kids. Then they know the worth of the life insurance. But still, there are few chances that they get insured their lives. Client’s satisfaction should be the topmost priority for any insurance holding company or life insurance seller.

On an account of agents, then why not mostly people become insurance agents? And why they consider it hard to sell?

Commission based job:

Most of the life insurance companies categorize their agent unconnected employees. This means they do not pay them as they pay their other employees. For the companies, agents are independent contractors. This means if you could not sell any policy or insurance then you will go home empty-handed. So consider this as a job that mostly depends on your luck and your skills. If someone that don’t have such brilliant skill and could not be able to sell his concept then they will surely get failed in this field.

It is not piece of cake that you are going to sell and not like the other things that people need this and they will come to you. Like if someone needs something, he goes to the market to purchase that thing. But life insurance is something different. It is not people’s need; it is your need to sell it. So by having all these points in mind, people prefer to do some job where they know that they will get some money or pay by the end of the month. Not like the insurance commission, whose conformity is doubtful.

If we take an example that there are two options in front of you by one you will get some amount may be little u would get. On the other hand, the second option can give you may be more money but it is doubtful that you would either get this or not. 80% choose the safe side. That is the reason that 20% percent of people choose to be a life agent. And out of 20%, only a few agents have brilliant skills to sell any intangible concept that is life insurance.

Slow going process:

Selling life insurance is hard to sell for agents because it demands a lot of time. As it is a very slow-going process so one who joins this field must have a very great patience level. It is not something that you just join it today and till tomorrow u had sell bundles of life insurance. As it is mentioned earlier, it is not a piece of cake that you decorate it and here you go. It is the opposite; you need to know every rule and you can say tricks of it. We as a human want that in a very short period may we achieve great rewards. But if you a life insurance agent you must have a great patience level. It takes time. Slowly but gradually, if you put your effort and smartness in this field you can get then those rewards that you want.

Few agents give up, because they can’t wait that much. And by leaving this, they go for monthly pay job. But if you get success then it is very easy for you to sell hundreds of insurances in a year or even in a month. The longer you stand out in insurance, the easier it gets. Not just the easier it gets but the more profitable it becomes.

Active and smart mind:

Selling life insurance is not a job that anyone can do. You need to be smart enough to understand this game. Only a smart person can stand out in this field. If a person with average skills or brain gets into this line then there are many chances that he can’t achieve his goal. As we know in every field a person with an active and smart mind has great chances to shine in the respective field. And one who doesn’t have a smart brain always works hard. Similarly, the active and smart brain agent doesn’t need to work that much hard as a normal average agent needs to do.

You need to be also an extrovert for this. If you are an introvert then it becomes even harder for you to expand your social circle. This is not a field where you will sit in a cabinet or room and work. It is another side of the coin. You have to socialize yourself and this is the point where most of the agents fail. Being a life insurance agent is not an easy task. You have to expand your social circle and make good relations with others. If you get successful in this then we can say you have done 30% of your job. Good relations with others make your way easy to sell life insurances. People may understand and trust your policies because they know you personally.


For agents, the biggest nightmare or the thing from which they get afraid of is “Rejection” from the clients. If we take an account of human nature, getting reject by someone almost breaks our self-confidence. Similar goes with the life insurance agents; they also get affected by the rejections. They meet different people of different natures. Some of them are very kind and polite enough that they reject the life insurance offer in a very polite way. But some of them are too tired of their busy schedule that they get offended when someone disturbs them. And these situations every agent must keep in their mind that they could be get scolded by any random person.

Some of the agents can’t bear or tolerate this behavior because it may affect their self-esteem. And it is not only the agents but the customer or clients also get offended. If a person is trying his best to carry out his family’s expense but failed at some points. And after the harsh day, he met with an agent whose policy a person can’t afford then it is normal that he gets offended. That’s why it’s not an easy task to do.

Tips to make this hard task easy:

By going through all the points you will have a clear idea that how hard it is to sell life insurances. But where there is a problem, there is a solution too. By acting upon these tips and tricks you can make selling life insurance a little bit easy.

As this is a sector where you sell yourself then you need to have some improvements in yourself.

Get Dressed Professionally:

The most common but the most important one is dressed professionally. When you dressed professionally people take you seriously. Dressed properly so, the clients get your image as a serious life insurance agent.

Deliver your idea simply:

Most of the agents fail to sell their policies because they don’t even deliver their ideas or concepts easily. When you started to fabricate your policies and ideas and use flowery or technical language then there are a lot of chances that people don’t understand what you are saying. So try to make your concept easy to understand.

Be Confident and an Extrovert:

Don’t shy; be confident of what you are selling. If you are not confident then you can’t convince your clients as well. Try to be an extrovert and build great relations with them.

Socialize yourself:

The more you get known the more chances that you get clients. So try to be active on every platform either it is physical or online. Your profile makes a lot of difference in your career.

Hear your clients:

Many agents get confused to find that what the reason that I got rejected. Don’t tell them about all of your policies and make them confused. First listen to your client’s needs and then after that give them a suitable life insurance policy which would suit their situation.


So, it is hard to sell life insurance because people are facing many problems in their lives and they don’t have enough time to listen to any other person that is telling them that what benefits they can get when their loved one dies. This conversation may offend them. So by taking all these aspects into account we can say life insurance is the hardest or toughest thing to sell. You may get scolded by the clients but it is what it is. You must be prepared for all this and must keep these points in your mind whenever you are going to sell any life insurance.

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